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 Throughout my life thus far I have had the pleasure to explore various professional opportunities including: running my own psychotherapy practice (providing counseling, wellness coaching & patient advocacy), teaching as an adjunct faculty member at Johnson & Wales University & Bristol Community College, teaching meditation classes, offering parenting workshops and classes at various non-profit & for profit organizations, and designing and officiating ceremonies as a certified life-cycle celebrant.

Striving to show up in "full color" to my own challenge & dream filled journey is the path that I hope always to choose.

Why the ART of

LiVInG ?

Ever feel like you are just going through the motions of life, rather than really living it??

Ready to create a life in FULL COLOR?? To Explore Your Potential? To feel happy, fulfilled, ALIVE?? To enjoy your work, your relationships, your LIFE?

NOW is the time to give yourself permission to live in "full color".