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A gift to yourself & your loved ones:

End of Life Planning Workshop

Living life consciously includes being conscious of death. Thoughtfully planned end of life decisions not only give us peace of mind, but also allows our loved ones, to do what they need to do as we breathe our last breath... reaching out and supporting one another rather than being frantic with information gathering and decision making. So many benefits can derive from preparing an end of life plan:

*Deriving satisfaction from knowing that pre-planning is ultimately an expression of love; relieving some of the burden that our loved ones will need to go through during an emotionally difficult time.

*Empowering ourselves by being proactive regarding end of life decisions, while we are still able and competent to do so.

*Decreasing the likelihood of family conflicts by giving clear and well thought out directives. 

No matter what your age or state of your health, thoughtful end of life decisions can begin NOW.

This workshop will leave you with important information to ponder, skills to begin conversations with loved ones, and an outline for your personal end of life plan.

Call 508-4964661 for more information.


Ever feel like you are rushing through your life without fully LIVING it? Surviving, rather than THRIVING?  

In this workshop, you will be guided, encouraged, to reawaken to a life that is rich, joyful, meaningful…

Using the tools of, deep reflection, creative imagination, mindfulness, and intentional sharing,

together we will reconnect with our deep inner knowing and learn how to begin to live our daily lives with VITALITY.

Call 508-4964661 for more information.